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Chitrak Shah - SN Group

Ahmedabad city, which is considered to be a hub of textile, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, was a low-key city, devoid of any flashy and swanky lifestyle that its contemporaries enjoyed in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The late nineties saw a significant growth in the population with an influx of people from other small cities looking for greener pastures and also due to large scale expansion in the industrial segment, giving rise to a demand for residential and office spaces. The next ten years witnessed a complete turnaround of Ahmedabad cityscape especially in infrastructure. The city now can be considered at par with any other metropolitan city in India. In 2010, Ahmedabad was ranked third in ‘Forbe’s list of fastest growing cities in India for the decade and The Times of India chose Ahmedabad as the best city to live in India.

Amongst many real estate developers who contributed to this phenomenal growth in the real estate segment, Shivalik Group has played a pivotal role in creating niche properties, both in the commercial and residential segment.

While many builders went on a construction spree, somewhere in a ‘corner’ (also synonymous with Shivalik Group’s selection of commercial complexes) sat a young Mr. Chitrak Shah, the name synonymous with Shivalik real estate. He dabbled in the rise and fall of market indices as a teenager when most of his friends would indulge in flamboyant lifestyles. The volatility of the stock markets in the early 90’s perturbed his father, Mr. Satish N. Shah who dabbled in the share markets. In order to shelter his son from the uncertainties, Mr.Shah created SN Developers in 1996.

Chitrak was inducted as a trainee in the firm to learn the nuances of construction and architecture sector. He had a penchant for taking risks, one of the most coveted entrepreneurial qualities. He was aware that without the pitfalls, he would not experience the thrill of winning.

Chitrak Shah - SN Group

Five years were spent in the scorching sun for a hands-on experience at the construction sites while he honed his skills in marketing, developing unique concepts in architecture and bringing innovation in designs. He gradually learnt the art of strategic decision making, project feasibility and improving revenue cycle. He committed to taking decisions head on and map the growth of Shivalik group regularly.

Shivalik was fortified as a brand in itself later in 2000 with rolling out of Shivalik Arcade, their first commercial project. Shah sensed an opportunity in expansion in Rajkot and Surat by 2005 while the real estate sector was on boom. Chitrak Shah’s focus has been on developing unique designs in architecture that has become synonymous with Shivalik. Shivalik Highstreet was one such building designed to perfection in 2009. Almost 70% of Shah’s clients are his repeat customers now. A conscious effort to create an exclusive brand in real estate has paid off with loyalists vouching for his quality, ethics and clarity

Shah is currently the Managing Director at Shivalik Real estate. He is actively serving as the Managing Director of Gujarat Institute of Housing and Estate Developers, is a member of the Ahmedabad Angels Network and is a co-founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization Gujarat. He is also on the advisory board of YMCA Ahmedabad. Identifying the need to diversify as a true entrepreneur, Shah had ventured into hospitality though ‘Platinum’ hotel and then in restaurant business as the founder and managing director at ‘Qwiches’. Qwiches now has 9 outlets across five cities of Gujarat.

"I take 10 decisions daily, either it’s wrong or right but it makes me more clear on my way of growth" - Chitrak Shah.
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